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The book

Mind over Tinnitus: How to habituate to tinnitus and have a happy and productive life

Mind over Tinnitus

The book presents a methodology that thousands of readers have come to affectionately call The Protocol, with objective and direct instructions on how a person who lives with and suffers from tinnitus can learn, without requiring countless visits to a therapist, to habituate to tinnitus, so that he or she can live a productive and happy life.

The book presents specific exercises, tips, and instructions that can lead the subject to habituation of reaction, where the characteristics of his tinnitus will no longer cause him anxiety, and habituation of perception, where his brain will learn to leave the tinnitus noise as background noise, allowing him to forget about it indefinitely.

The reader will also have the option to become a member of the habituation group on Facebook where he or she will be able to exchange ideas with other practitioner-readers, get emotional support, and interact with the author.

Toby Cederbaum

My name is Toby Cederbaum, I am a North American health professional, and I am very grateful to have found Ed Leme and his protocol. This method ended my desperate search for answers to vibrating tinnitus. I now have my life back after exhausting all other healing modes that did not work.
Tinnitus had made my life very limited, but by using this amazing method which is the Protocol, I gained emotional immunity and my brain turned down the volume. For a long time, I was advised by many medical experts to use masking noises, hearing aids, and many other tricks to overcome tinnitus which at the time was a very challenging dilemma in my life.

When I first met tinnitus, I feit shocked as if I was living in a constant state of threat, I was in a state of fight and flight constantly. I changed everything in my environment thinking that I would change the volume of the very loud sounds.
I started using the protocol and the result was that the volume decreased, and the reaction and perception became habituated. The tinnitus became something gentle like an incredible flow of energy.The result is that I got my life back. I awoke to this beautiful new life with such gratitude, no longer captured, but free! Adversity became an opportunity!
As a health professional, I can share this with anyone who is on the same healing path - the protocol strengthens and calms the nervous system. It teaches the brain that it is safe. I didn't need chemical cures; it was simply internal work. Our brains are neuroplastic and we can habituate to It. The Protocol taught me many things, including the difference between misery and happiness; it just depends on where you put your attention.In the words of the author, Leme: LET'S GET GOING!

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