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Sustained reduction of tinnitus several years after sequential cochlear implantation

In this study, researchers looked at the effects of getting a second cochlear implant (CI-2) on tinnitus, which is the perception of ringing or buzzing in the ears. They studied 20 adults who had bothersome tinnitus and received a second implant. The participants were asked to report their tinnitus annoyance and handicap before getting the CI-2, more than two years after, and more than seven years after. They used questionnaires and visual analog scales to measure tinnitus annoyance and loudness.

The results showed that the CI-2 led to a significant reduction in tinnitus handicap, from severe to mild, after more than two years. The reduction in tinnitus annoyance was also significant after more than seven years. However, the reduction in tinnitus loudness was not significant. This means that getting a second cochlear implant can provide long-term relief from tinnitus annoyance.

The study had some limitations, such as a small sample size and the use of a non-validated questionnaire. Despite these limitations, the findings suggest that a second cochlear implant can be an effective treatment for reducing tinnitus annoyance and handicap in people with severe hearing impairment and bothersome tinnitus. This study adds to our understanding of how cochlear implants can help manage tinnitus over the long term.

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